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another introductory post

What good's a community with only one posting member? I started my love affair with all things twisty two years ago, when like all responsible teenagers I decided to purchase a motorcycle instead of a car.

This bike is still with me (although right now it needs a bit of an overhaul) and I've put almost seven thousand miles on it so far, despite the snowny New York winters and a demanding college career. I love this bike, despite its problems. I almost don't want to replace it. Almost.

Last year I succumbed to practicallity and bought a car. But not a very practical one.

This car started (well, enabled) my interest in motorsports with freqent autocrosses. It is literally the perfect car for me, right now. Fun, reasonably fuel efficient, relatively cheap to run and insure. It would take a lot to make me replace it. The car also sparked my interest in videography. I built a bullet cam system over the winter and I tested it at the first autox of the year. 16mb divx

Definately more videos to come this spring and summer. I hope to explore more of northeast and maybe even start doing trackdays (car or bike) this summer.
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