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How to obtain/post good sat photos

A few of you asked how I got the overheads in my intro post, so here is a quick tutorial.

First off, I used Google Local, and put it on the "Hybrid" setting, (Which takes the satellite image and overlays a map.) If you know how to get the image just from that, good on you, but here are more detailed instructions.

Let's assume I want to post about US129 Deal's Gap aka Tail of the Dragon, a southern US mecca for anyone who loves a twisty road. First I Google Local "Knoxville, TN" because I know that is about 2 hours away, (Thus easy to find deal's gap on the map.) When I do that, my screen looks like this:

Now I scroll down south of Knoxville, past Alcoa, until I find US129. You might have to fiddle with the zoom level, or use a separate resource to figure out what you are looking at. Here we have part of US129 at the TN/NC border.

I am just gonna focus on getting a good pic of this little segment, but if you wander around this area with the Google Local tool, you will see there are a TON of fun roads around here. Not too hard to see how an old shinerunner Ford with a 500" Cadillac engine might be able to lose a revenuer in this area back in the prohibition era. Back to the topic at hand, though, since I found US129, I can go ahead and switch to the Hybrid setting:

and zoom in:

From there, I hit Print Screen, and open my image editor, (JASC's Paint Shop Pro, though most folks use Adobe Photoshop.) The Print Screen function acts like Cntrl-C or Copy and you should be able to use Edit on the tool bar of the image editor to put your screen capture in a manipulatable form.

For all the full size screen captures here, I resized to 65%. For most of the pics in my intro post, I cropped to what I wanted and showed that. Kinda like this:

Notice how I included the TN/NC border and a few highway junctions for reference.

BTW, you CAN use MSpaint for this if you want, it just isn't as easy. But it works. Make sure you save as a .jpg instead of a .bmp if you can.

I host my pics using TinyPic, (A relative of ImageBucket.)

Hope that helps...
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