Pretentious Asshole® (no_brakes23) wrote in curvesncanyons,
Pretentious Asshole®

Driving a portion of the Cascade Loop

I have not posted in a while, been busy moving up to WA state. I recently took the family out in the Mazda 6 to see what we could find. I snapped a few pics in the car and more up through the sunroof. It was difficult to get the right angle out of the sunroof, but I didn't like most of the in-cabin pics. This wasn't easy to do it the best sections, but it would definitely be possible to get better pics. I just wish I had a good cam mount for the car for movies.

We drove East on I90, North on US97 and West on US2. Highway 2 had some of the most technical driving, but most of the pictures are from Highway 97. North on 97 there is a wonderful downhill that affords you the opportunity to freewheel for quite a while, (Assuming there isn't some jackass in front of you riding their brakes.)

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