Mesomelas (mesomelas) wrote in curvesncanyons,

S-chassis cars at home in their natural environment.

The players: Me in my S14 (front), My old S13 is the camera car with my friend driving.

No, it wasn't a mad jdm touge battle or anything, just a fun cat and mouse run on a short downhill on a local road near here. Just checking to see how much dirt was on the road, and as you can see (especially on the hairpins) there is still a sizable amount. Spring rain should take it all away at any time now. :nonod: My friend is fairly new to aggressive driving, hence the funky shift points and somewhat unconfident driving. And me being like 50 cars ahead of him at the end, lol

My friend says this video didn't have enough dorifto, sorry guys.

Thanks to him for the video hosting, don't kill his bandwidth too much. 4:00, 11.1mb
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I was gonna flame you for posting something dumb, but that was actually nice. While it's not "exciting" and it's certainly not showing off "skill"... that's about what it should look like when you're somewhat new to a road and car.

Remember that before you even try to start learning the best braking, shifting and line, get the road solidly into memory, ALL of it. If in doubt on a corner, brake early.

he's not too bad of a driver considering we've only done this a few times. I'm really the only person he goes driving with, and he definitely gets better each time we go.

Videos are hard to make exciting, especially when it's mounted higher up in a car (making things look slower than it really is), and it's dark (where you can't see anything), but I figured I'd post something up anyways to keep the community going.

Thanks for the reply!
Nice downshifting. :) Seriously, a car sounds badass when you heel-toe properly, and yours sounds really nice.

I've got some in-car video from Lime Rock and NHIS, and it doesn't look exciting, either. Even at 115mph (down the front straight at LRP), it looks pretty quick, but nowhere near 115! So I understand your problem.

And for what it's worth, I think you were just aggressive enough. You were clearly enjoying the road at a spirited pace, but I only heard the tires once in the video, which means you weren't driving near the car's limit. This is a GOOD thing on an unpredictable public road. :)
That wasn't me, that was my friend driving. I was the guy way up in front. ;)

I'll get some video of me driving up at some point though.
I am curious what you mean by hearing the tires. Are you talking about any slide noise, or just the obvious screech?

I don't think of myself as an exceptional driver, but I don't think anything of the tires squirming a bit.

Seconded, (Or thirded, I guess,) about the video not really showing the true speed.
Most tires speak to you in a variety of tones to tell you what's going on with the tire.

Squeal: This is the typical high pitched squeaky noise. This is how the tire says "Hey, this is fun, you're approaching my traction limit but we're not quite there yet."

Squall: A more urgent sort of squeaky noise, usually louder and maybe slightly lower pitched. "Whoa, we're right at the limit here, she canna take anymore Captain..."

Scruff: Put a tire on the ground and drag it sideways. This is the sound I'm talking about. It's the sound of... well, a tire going sideways. It says "You totally blew it, dude - I've lost traction and we're just along for the ride now...

The exceptions to this progression would be any type of racing tire (slicks, R-compounds, etc.), as well as certain very high performance street tires (Falken Azenis, for example).
That makes sense to me.

I might think of a scruff as the noise that sounds a bit like inhaling with your tongue pushed towards the roof of your mouth, (That usually precedes a squeal,) But your rating system makes sense to me.