Mesomelas (mesomelas) wrote in curvesncanyons,

S-chassis cars at home in their natural environment.

The players: Me in my S14 (front), My old S13 is the camera car with my friend driving.

No, it wasn't a mad jdm touge battle or anything, just a fun cat and mouse run on a short downhill on a local road near here. Just checking to see how much dirt was on the road, and as you can see (especially on the hairpins) there is still a sizable amount. Spring rain should take it all away at any time now. :nonod: My friend is fairly new to aggressive driving, hence the funky shift points and somewhat unconfident driving. And me being like 50 cars ahead of him at the end, lol

My friend says this video didn't have enough dorifto, sorry guys.

Thanks to him for the video hosting, don't kill his bandwidth too much. 4:00, 11.1mb
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